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Allison was born in the city of Arcis, where she survived her childhood as the border wall was constructed around the city.

The woman before [Ash] was a few years younger than her, maybe in her mid-twenties. Her head was shaved, and Ash could see scars across her hairless scalp. The eyes that Ash found staring at her were fierce, ferocious, and menacing. The woman wore a stained and ripped tank top and a pair of beat-up cargo pants with weapons sticking out of the pockets. Two pistols were strapped to her boots, and she looked quite dangerous. Not someone Ash wanted to mess with.

Fallen Nation

"My name is Allison. Now give me this woman, or you're dead."

– Allison's order to Rena Thorane regarding Ash Thorane on a rooftop, in Fallen Nation: Uprising



Like everyone else living in Arcis, her earlier memories were replaced with fabricated ones. Allison joined the Authorities' army at the age of nineteen. In her time as a torturer, she helped Director Rena Thorane develop techniques to thoroughly break subjects. Just like all soldiers, her neck bears the branded insignia of the Authorities. Her already short hair was shaved after she was caught talking with a Detestable. After her mind control began to wear off, she began to start a rebellion among fellow soldiers, which grew into the Insurgency. Later, disguised as a bounty hunter, she tried to prevent Zach from giving secret rebel files to the Authorities, but failed. The Insurgency, presumably a secret kept from the Sovereign Supreme, was revealed when it joined the Uprising to fight for freedom. When the Insurgency marched with the Uprising to the border wall, almost all of its members perished in the destruction of Arcis. Allison escaped the worst of the destruction and was rescued by Michelson, one of the only two surviving members of the Insurgency.







Biographical Information Born: 2150 • Arcis

Affiliation: The Authorities (formerly) • The Insurgency

Occupation: Soldier (formerly)

Physical Attributes Ethnicity: Caucasian

Hair: Shaved (originally blond)

Eye color: Brown


Fallen Nation

Fallen Nation: Downfall

Fallen Nation: Uprising

Rowan Yang
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