Catalyst F Coming Soon.jpg


As civilization crumbles, a host of characters find themselves caught in a fight for control over humanity.
Fallen Nation F Cover.jpg


Ash, a survivor trapped in a destroyed
city ruled by the merciless Authorities,
sets out to get past the city's border.
Uprising F Cover.jpg


An uprising built on hope rises from
the depths of a city surrounded by a
border wall to face the Authorities.
Downfall F Cover.jpg


Ash and her companions engage in a
final, desperate fight for freedom
against the Authorities.
Dark Waters Cover BLACK.jpg


Two teens, trapped with their families
and new friends aboard a cruise ship,
try to evade and uncover a murderer.
Future 2020 Cover 6x9.jpg


In 2406, Jak-Tec joins an outlawed
scientist to take down the corrupt
government, instigating a world war.
Ice Lords 2020 Cover 6x9.jpg


A Coast Guard rescue team finds a
dark mystery in Antarctica, where the
fate of humanity will be determined.