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Grayson Taylor, one of the best child actors that your reviewers have seen on a New York stage, more than holds his own amongst this roster of damaged characters as an open, affectionate, and enthusiastic Petie. - CultureCatch


For his part, young Taylor is not only letter perfect but pitch perfect as a boy who loves his two dads but wishes he had a grandmother to add to them. - Huffington Post by David Finkle


As Bud, Taylor is a real find who brings delightful levity to a room where the memories of a lost generation looms heavily. - Theatremania


And rounding out the cast is precocious youngster Grayson Taylor, who is so endearing. - Perez Reviews


That child, incidentally, is Bud, played effusively by Grayson Taylor, whose innocence and frankness overwhelm Katharine, and help to defuse an otherwise tense afternoon. - NBC New York by Robert Kahn


As the couple's son, Taylor is appropriately adorable... Taylor is in one of the most touching scenes in the play. Bud asks Katharine if he'll be his grandma, since he does not have one. Together, they can be one happy family, he says. - Asbury Park Press, New Jersey


It's then that the boy, played well by Grayson Taylor, pipes up and reveals that he might be the most honest one of the bunch. - Associated Press, Wall Street Journal


Her exchanges with Grayson Taylor's wide-eyed Bud - who, of course, bonds with Katharine instantly, both charming and further unsettling the adults - are genuinely disarming. - USA Today by Elysa Gardener

...impossibly cute little Bud Ogden-Porter (Grayson Taylor). - Variety by Marilyn Stasio


And finally there is Bud, the 6-year-old son of Cal and Will... For Bud, having two dads is no different than not having a grandmother, as he charmingly explains to Katharine when trying to persuade her to assume that role in his life. - Huffington Post