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Kyrus Varden

Warning: Contains spoilers for Catalyst of Control

Kyrus Varden, also known as the Sovereign Supreme, is the main character of the Catalyst of Control trilogy and a major character in the Fallen Nation trilogy. He was, at the height of his power, the sole ruler of the Authorities and the entirety of the civilized world, a feat mostly achieved through mind control.

"This world must be redeemed. It must be brought out of darkness.”

– Kyrus Varden in a vision to Ash Thorane, Fallen Nation: Downfall



Kyrus Varden was born in 2179 in the small town of Wrenton, New Hampshire. He later became CEO of Sang Enterprises and rose to become the most powerful person on the planet by acquiring and combining various corporations and developing groundbreaking technology. One of these technologies, a method of mind control, allowed him to rise to the position of Sovereign Supreme and rule humanity itself.

Early Life


Kyrus was born to two parents in the small town of Wrenton in New Hampshire, near Mt. Washington. He was saved by rogue U.S. soldier Nadia Vaile at the age of eight during an assault on his town by the East American Army, after his parents abandoned him.






Kyrus Varden
Kyrus Varden
Kyrus Varden
Kyrus Varden

Biographical Information Born: 2079 • Wrenton, NH

Died: December 2175 • New Arcis Mountain Citadel

Cause of death: Illness related to life-lengthening procedures

Also known as: The Sovereign Supreme • The Sovereign

Affiliation: Sang Enterprises (formerly) • The Authorities

Occupation: Board director (formerly) • Dictator

Physical Attributes Ethnicity: Caucasian

Hair: Black

Eye color: Brown (later fully black)


Catalyst of Control

Fallen Nation: Uprising

Fallen Nation

Fallen Nation: Downfall

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