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Catalyst of Control

Catalyst of Control is the prequel to the Fallen Nation Trilogy, beginning 88 years before the start of Fallen Nation. The world is a vastly different place, but the seeds of the future are planted. Seeds of resistance, and seeds of an empire that will rise from the ashes of a fallen world.

Catalyst of Control is both a prequel to the Fallen Nation Trilogy and a standalone book. Even if you haven't read the trilogy, Catalyst of Control is a new, unique story in its own right, which you can read before or after the trilogy. Unless you mind spoilers.



Kyrus Varden, a young man climbing up the hierarchy in the middle of global economic and governmental collapse, faces an increasingly dangerous world with nothing more than his intelligence and slowly rising power as his defense. Nations have fallen, infrastructures have been destroyed, and overpopulation, disease, war, and rising waters bring humanity to the breaking point. Above all else, Kyrus desires control over his own life. But he is haunted by trauma, and a condition that could stand in his way to gaining control. And with every step up in power comes greater danger.

What began as a journey to power becomes a struggle for the control of fate, and of humanity itself. The world will never be the same again.

Behind the Scenes


On May 5, writing of the book began.

On May 14, posters for the book were made.

On May 15, the Ultimate Members' Extras page for Catalyst of Control is made, featuring posters, wallpapers, the book's Spotify playlist, and the book cover.

On May 16, 2020, a members' email update teased the book and linked to a page that revealed the title, cover, and wallpapers only for members.

On June 9, 2020, test covers for books 2 and 3 of the potential Catalyst of Control Trilogy were made.

On June 18, 2020, Chapter Four was finished.

On July 16, Chapter Six was started.

On August 30, 2020, the book cover was redesigned with a gradient title.

On September 9, 2020, a beat sheet outline for Catalyst of Control was made.

On September 16, 2020, Chapter Six was finished.

On October 2, 2020, Chapter Seven was started.

On November 19, 2020, the book cover is redesigned with a greener background.

On March 24, 2021, the book trailer was released. The same day, a Facebook post announced the trailer's release.

On March 25, 2021, a Forum post announced the release of the book trailer, and that members could read the first two chapters of the book. It also announced that wallpapers, character art, and the book's Spotify playlist could be found on the Catalyst of Control Extras page.

On August 26, 2021, an email update announced an expected release date of 2021.

On January 10, 2022, the book was announced to be coming out in 2022 in the Taylorverse Day 2022 video.

On February 8, 2022, the covers for the next two Catalyst of Control books were revealed in the Taylorverse Unlimited VIP Center for VIP members. The cover for book 3 was redesigned with a new image.

On February 22, 2022, Chapter Eight was finished.

On February 23, 2022, an Instagram post announced that the book had hit 40,589 words.



The book was originally intended to be a standalone and not the first of a trilogy.



Book Trailer




Catalyst of Control
Catalyst of Control
Catalyst of Control
Catalyst of Control


Type: Novel

Release date: 2023

Genres: Dystopian, science fiction, drama

Written by: Grayson Taylor

Taylorverse Stats

Timeline date: November 2087 - April 2106

Series: The Fallen Nation Saga (Book 1)



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