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Legend Cruises

Legend Cruises is a cruise line headquartered in New York City. Its first ship, The Legend, embarked on its maiden voyage in 2019.

The Legend Cruises app can be downloaded by passengers to view their itinerary and activities aboard the ship.

"According to a report filed by Legend Cruises, an unknown user logged into their online database a few months ago. It can be inferred that this is Casey. Technically, she doesn’t do anything terribly wrong, but manages to get into the online records and find the passenger manifest for the first sailing of The Legend.... The online database was basically a password-protected website. Legend Cruises is a new company; they’ve only got one ship, which, at the time, hadn’t even sailed with passengers yet. They didn’t bother to extensively protect a seemingly harmless passenger manifest."

Benjamin Adelson in Dark Waters





Appears In

The Beginning

Angry Aunts, Creepy Clowns, and Other Scary Stuff

Ice Cream Therapy

Disaster and Death

Everybody Panic

Medical Disasters

Hunt the Murderer

A Legendary Trip

Leaving New York

Fun, Food, Feuds, Friends, and Families

Things Get Much Worse

The Last Straw

A Deadly Night

Dangerous Truth

The End of The Legend

Aboard The Legend

World's Worst VIP Experience

The First Murder

Land Ahoy! Murder Ahoy!

Suspects Suspected

A Cruise to Die For


Legend Cruises
Legend Cruises
Legend Cruises
Legend Cruises


Dark Waters





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