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The Legend

The Legend is the flagship cruise ship of Legend Cruises.

“Anyway, it’s got the latest technology in cruising, it says on this here page,” Aunt Rebecca went on, looking down at the brochure. “It’s the flagship of Legend Cruises.” ... I gazed up at the ship, wondering how I would wait that long to get on board. From where I stood, I could see a zip line, a ropes course, water slides, a massive movie screen, a glass indoor skydiving cylinder, and even a garden with palm trees on the top deck.

Dark Waters

The Legend Deck Plan


Deck 14: Spa, Gym, Therapy Office, Water Slides

Deck 12: Cabins, Mini Golf, Ropes Course, Basketball Court

Deck 11: Cabins, Taste of Asia Restaurant

Deck 10: Buffet, Movie Screen and Pool, Kogies Waffles, YumTum Dessert Bar, Coffee Café, Sandy’s Burgers, Game Central, Blue Fish Bar

Deck 9: Cabins

Deck 8: SeaSweets, Legendary Shops 2 (and Sunrise Atrium balcony), Legend Sushi, Tropics Amphitheater, Pizza Paradise

Deck 7: Family Game Room, Legendary Laughs Comedy Club, Cabins

Deck 6: The Navigator Restaurant, Sam’s Steakhouse, Golden Casino, Nightclub, Legendary Shops (and Paradise Atrium balcony)

Deck 5: The Wave Lounge, Exploration Library

Deck 4-1: Cabins

Deck A: Crew Quarters

Deck B: Maintenance, Medical Bay

Deck C: Morgue, Engine

The Legend Cruise Schedule


2-week cruise from New York City to five ports in the Caribbean.

Day 1: Departure

Days 2-4: Days at Sea

Day 5: Cozumel

Day 6: Day at Sea

Day 7: Belize City

Day 8: Roatán

Day 9: Day at Sea

Day 10: Grand Cayman

Day 11: Day at Sea

Day 12: Jamaica

Day 13: Day at Sea

Day 14: Arrival and Debarkation





Appears In

The Beginning

Angry Aunts, Creepy Clowns, and Other Scary Stuff

Ice Cream Therapy

Disaster and Death

Everybody Panic

Medical Disasters

Hunt the Murderer

A Legendary Trip

Leaving New York

Fun, Food, Feuds, Friends, and Families

Things Get Much Worse

The Last Straw

A Deadly Night

Dangerous Truth

The End of The Legend

Aboard The Legend

World's Worst VIP Experience

The First Murder

Land Ahoy! Murder Ahoy!

Suspects Suspected

A Cruise to Die For


The Legend
The Legend
The Legend
The Legend


Dark Waters

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