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Benjamin Adelson

Benjamin Adelson is a detective with the NYPD's Detective Bureau. His coworkers include officer Brittney Auburn, junior officer Taylor Grant, and analyst Kelly Mitchell. He graduated with a degree in criminal justice from Yale University.

His favorite drink is orange juice (his favorite alcoholic beverage a mimosa). In his spare time, he takes his daughter Aniyah to zoos and museums, and cooks meals, including chicken tacos.

Detective Benjamin Adelson stared out the office window. The New York skyline shimmered with a thousand lights against a pale blue sky. He turned his chair to face the man in the doorway. Adelson had a close-shaven beard, dark skin, and a satisfied glint in his eyes.

A Rogue Game

"I’m not going to tell you it was easy, because it wasn’t. But there’s no such thing as an unbeatable game."

– Benjamin Adelson to Kelly Mitchell, in A Rogue Game






Benjamin Adelson
Benjamin Adelson
Benjamin Adelson
Benjamin Adelson

Biographical Information Born: 1989 • Brooklyn, NY

Affiliation: New York Police Department

Occupation: Detective

Education: Yale University


Nia Adelson (wife)

Aniyah Adelson (daughter)

Jada Adelson (niece)

Clarice Adelson (sister-in-law)

Physical Attributes Ethnicity: Black

Hair: Black

Eye color: Hazel


A Rogue Game

Dark Waters

A Hollow Game

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