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Adeline Smith

Adeline Smith is a worker at the medical bay of The Legend, serving as an assistant at the front desk. She works along with the ship’s doctor, Dr. Ernest Stein, though rarely provides medical assistance herself. Adeline is equipped with rudimentary medical training, a requirement for her post in the medical bay, but mainly schedules appointments, keeps records, and helps passengers with their questions or concerns. Her basic knowledge of medical treatment comes in handy when disaster strikes aboard The Legend.

A crew member was sitting behind the front desk, reading a book titled Murder in the Pacific Ocean.

Really? I thought.

I pushed that out of my mind and got to the real problem.

“There’s—there’s been another attack,” I said urgently, and the attendant looked up immediately. “My dad—my dad’s been—he’s been attacked with a knife, injured. He’s bleeding.” I tried to steady my voice as the woman’s expression morphed into one of fear and panic. “Can you help him?”

The crew member dropped the book and jumped to her feet, grabbing a medical kit off a shelf beside her.

“Yeah, I can—I can help your dad,” the woman said in a rush. “Where is he?”

“Just follow me,” I responded, already heading for the door.

I ran out into the hall, followed by the medical bay attendant. She must have received some medical training to work in the doctor’s office, but I doubted she’d expected to have to put any of that knowledge to use. Now that Dr. Ernest was dead, she was one of the few people aboard the ship qualified to give medical assistance.

Her name tag read Adeline Smith. She clutched the first aid kit as she jogged after me up the stairs.

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Adeline Smith
Adeline Smith
Adeline Smith
Adeline Smith

Biographical Information Born: 1993 • New Jersey

Affiliation: Legend Cruises

Occupation: Medical bay assistant

Physical Attributes Ethnicity: Caucasian

Hair: Brown

Eye color: Blue


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