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Adam Clark

A successful lawyer living in Roseman Towers on the Upper East Side in New York City with his family, Adam Clark’s life was marred by tragedy when his younger daughter Casey died on the cruise ship The Seacrest in 2015. His wife, Crystal Clark, is an entrepreneur and founder of Level Nine Studios, and their family is a wealthy one, but damaged by loss. Adam is a tall, black-haired New Yorker who dresses in the latest fashion and wears suits even to casual events.

Aboard The Legend


Adam Clark was one of the victims of attack by the murderer aboard The Legend. He was inside his cabin when he was injured by a knife-wielding attacker, but survived the encounter.

“I was napping. The lights were turned off, and I was resting, so I thought the person entering the room was Sierra. But I wasn’t... I wasn’t fully asleep, so when she attacked... I was able to fight back. It was dark; neither of us could see anything, so while the knife she was holding did cut me, she couldn’t strike a lethal blow. I managed to hurt her, I think, and she fled from the cabin.”

– Adam Clark recounting the attack in his cabin, in Dark Waters





Appears In

The Beginning

Leaving New York

Disaster and Death

A Deadly Night

A Legendary Trip

Fun, Food, Feuds, Friends, and Families

Aboard The Legend

The First Murder

Everybody Panic


Adam Clark
Adam Clark
Adam Clark
Adam Clark

Biographical Information

Born: 1974

Occupation: Lawyer


Relatives Crystal Clark (wife) Sierra Clark (daughter) Casey Clark (daughter)

Physical Attributes

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Hair: Black

Eye color: Blue

Portrayed by: Bryan Taylor


Dark Waters

Lisa Taylor




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