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Catalyst of Control
Catalyst of Control
Book 1 in the Fallen Nation Saga

Coming 2024 • Dystopian, Science Fiction, Drama

As civilization crumbles, a fight to develop quantum mind control rages, and an empire rises from the chaos.

When young, ambitious Kyrus Varden unexpectedly becomes the head of an international bioweaponry corporation, he finds himself with more power than ever before. But power comes at a price. Hunted by new enemies, and haunted by the shadows of his past, Kyrus faces a new host of dark forces seeking control over him—and the world.

After discovering the foundations of quantum mind control technology, Kyrus enters a global conflict between enigmatic powers. In the race for control of humanity, the victor will shape the planet's fate.

Kyrus's deep desire for control, rooted in a past he can't escape from, is challenged by forces far bigger than him. But with everything at stake, he will stop at nothing to win. The lines between right and wrong, past and present, and ally and enemy blur. The fight for supremacy will change Kyrus, and the world, forever.

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Book 1 in the Fallen Nation Saga



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