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2016 • 196 pages • Science Fiction, Action-Adventure

In the year 2406, darkness is stirring.

Jak-Tec, a Tenth Sector citizen, is swept into a massive conflict that will change his life forever. He struggles to find who he really is while searching for answers to the dark secrets of a tenuous ally, the mysterious scientist Kar Morsen. When a third World War tears all ten sectors of the world apart, Jak-Tec faces new questions and enemies.

Forced to decide between protecting his friends, obeying the law, and following Kar Morsen, Jak-Tec fights to uncover the truth and determine right from wrong in a world ravaged by war.

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Terrific. It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole book.

- John Louzonis, author of Kid Trillionaire

Set in a vividly sketched dystopian environment, Future is a fast-paced sci-fi thriller packed with action and suspense. Remarkably imaginative and ambitious young writer Grayson Taylor has created a complex character in the daring Jak-Tec, who is compelled to delve into his mysterious past and must struggle to determine right from wrong in a world at war.

- Reader review

Future is very well written and is an amazing book. My rating? Five stars. You should definitely look into buying this epic novel.

- Reader review

I finished Future and was so amazed at Grayson Taylor's writing skill and imagination.  Some of the things that he came up with—hovering tables, cameras the size of grains of sand, types of ships and on and on—are things that may inspire inventors to eventually create!  Quite a twist and surprise ending too! I want someone to read it and make a movie.

- Reader review

Future... [is] outstanding.

- Reader review



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