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Ice Lords
Ice Lords

2015 • 176 pages • Action-Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy

When a small group of researchers goes missing in Antarctica, a Coast Guard team is assembled to rescue them. Ryan Dawn, an average New York citizen, is unwillingly taken along on the rescue mission. But when the team arrives, they discover a dark mystery on the frozen continent, one far bigger than the strange disappearance of the researchers.

The Nemorator, an ancient and powerful lord over an army of fearsome Ice Lords, is in Antarctica as well. Little do they know, the Nemorator and his unstoppable army of Ice Lords are planning to do something that would end in the destruction of society, and leave nothing but an icy, cold planet of death and sorrow.

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Exciting adventure read! If you love action and excitement, you'll enjoy this novel. It has all kinds of entertainment... a host of creepy animals, scary villains, near-death experiences, and a brave, young hero who takes us through all his crazy adventures. Check it out!

- Reader review


- Reader review

GREAT! I'm no absolute expert, but I think anyone should like Grayson's books—they are good and very creative. Ice Lords... [is] outstanding.

- Reader review



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