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Katie Roberts

Katie Roberts is the wife of Frank Roberts. She is a passenger aboard the maiden voyage of The Legend.

Katie met my eyes and smiled, approaching me. “Hello, dear,” she greeted me. “You were on The Legend, right?”

“Yes,” I replied, glancing sideways at Frank, who flared his nostrils and looked around with a scowl on his face.

“Do you have a map?” Katie asked kindly. “We’re looking for a restaurant I heard about earlier, but I don’t know how to get there.”

“Oh… yeah.” I placed my backpack on the ground and pulled out a map, handing it to her.

Katie stared at the map for a minute or so, after pulling out a pair of reading glasses and donning them to look. Finally, she nodded in thanks.

“Thank you, dearie,” she said, and Frank took the map to take a look. Katie pointed to their destination. “See?”

He let out a sound somewhere between a snort and a grunt, and bent over to place the map back in my backpack.

“Have a nice day, dear!” Katie called, waving back to me, as she and her husband walked away across the beach.

Dark Waters





Appears In

Aboard The Legend

The Last Straw

Ice Cream Therapy

Disaster and Death


Katie Roberts
Katie Roberts
Katie Roberts
Katie Roberts

Biographical Information

Born: 1945

Died: 2019 • The Legend

Cause of death: Drugged and killed in an explosion set up by Casey Clark

Relatives Frank Roberts (husband)

Physical Attributes Ethnicity: Caucasian

Hair: White

Eye color: Brown

Portrayed by: Carol Greaves


Dark Waters





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