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Frank Roberts

Frank Roberts is the husband of Katie Roberts. He is an ex-butcher, and a passenger aboard the maiden voyage of The Legend. In his younger years, Frank was the owner of Frank's Butcher Shop.

An elderly man and woman were standing in the cabin across the hall from ours, their door wide open, yelling at each other.

“Could you keep it down, please?” I interrupted, annoyed. They were probably waking people up.

They both stared at me, and the elderly woman told me, “I’m sorry, but Frank here is just being ridiculous. He thinks that I’ve been hogging all the space in our cabin, and—” They both started shouting again, now even louder.

“I don’t care, okay? Just stop fighting, please!” I cut in once again.

The man, Frank, growled and stomped off to the other end of the cabin. The elderly woman sighed, turning to me with a smile....

“I’m Katie Roberts, and this is… my husband. Frank Roberts,” she said, the smile now replaced with a scowl. “He used to be a butcher, and he has quite the temper. I always knew slaughtering animals couldn’t be good for one’s emotional health.”

Dark Waters





Appears In

Aboard The Legend

Disaster and Death

Ice Cream Therapy

Land Ahoy! Murder Ahoy!

Suspects Suspected


Frank Roberts
Frank Roberts
Frank Roberts
Frank Roberts

Biographical Information

Born: 1944

Affiliation: Frank's Butcher Shop (formerly)

Occupation: Butcher (formerly)

Relatives Katie Roberts (wife)

Physical Attributes Ethnicity: Caucasian

Hair: White

Eye color: Blue

Portrayed by: Tony Greaves


Dark Waters

Henry Mason
Ross Edwards




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