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Jak-Tec is a sentient robot designed by Kar Morsen.



Mysterious Past

Jak-Tec has been trying to find out who he really is for years, but the answers have always been hidden. His parents were said to have died in a hovercraft crash, but there are no known records of them at all. For his entire life, Jak-Tec has struggled with the mystery of his life, and what his purpose really is in the world.

Regular Life

Jak-Tec works at the AxarCorp factory in the Tenth Sector, and his boss is Sen Kanar, the head of AxarCorp. Jak-Tec lives in a skyscraper apartment building, on the hangar level. He owns a dark blue hovercraft and has an artificial intelligence system, Kander. He also has a robot chef, Arria. His closest friends are Jade and Koren, who also work at AxarCorp.

Kar Morsen

From the moment Jak-Tec first saw this mysterious man, he knew he was the key to the truth about his mysterious life. Kar Morsen shares a strange bond with Jak-Tec, and can speak to him in his mind. Although Jak-Tec isn’t a very rash person, he can’t resist following after Kar Morsen, even when it gets him into serious trouble.


For years, Jak-Tec has had a vision—a dream—that he can’t understand. And when he is swept up into the mystery of Kar Morsen, strange, new visions occur, each a small clue in the vast mystery of Jak-Tec’s life. The deeper Jak-Tec digs into his life, the more mysterious it becomes.





Appears In



Biographical Information Created: 2380

Died: 2406 (temporarily)

Cause of death: Jumped into one of several infinity shafts

Affiliation: AxarCorp (formerly)

Occupation: Technician (formerly)

Physical Attributes Ethnicity: Caucasian

Hair: Brown

Eye color: Blue



Reko Selam
Alize Wolf
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