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Sen Kanar

Sen Kanar is the head of AxarCorp. A greedy, despicable businessman, Kanar is one of the wealthiest people in the Sectors. Most of his money has been the result of shady business deals, and he is known for treating his workers terribly. Despite all this, he is still tremendously successful.



Born into a wealthy family in the First Sector, Sen Kanar was already a billionaire by the age of twenty. He spent large amounts of money on himself, buying the most expensive things around and showing off whenever he could. He owns many properties and vehicles, including one of his favorite ships, a grey luxury craft (Model Z-02), which he illegally equipped with an advanced weapons system. He also has many bodyguards and assistant droids to escort him wherever he goes.


Sen Kanar is the owner of many companies, including his most successful one, AxarCorp, which is the world’s biggest power supplier. It fuels the enormous superengines that hold the Sectors in the sky, and it has factories and power plants in every Sector. The AxarCorp headquarters is in the Second Sector.

Evil Deal

Sen Kanar funded the Fourth Sector’s plan to take over the other Sectors during the third World War, and hoped he could become the leader if the plan succeeded. He was also a big part of the development of the UltraSoldiers, and thought of them as one of his prized possessions. As a part of the Fourth Sector’s plot to rule the other Sectors, he went after Kar Morsen’s creation, trying to locate it and possibly use it to his own benefit.


Sen Kanar is known for going to cyborg and robot fights, which are illegal in most places, and he even owns a pet cyborg called Jioc. Jioc is a violent creature and is usually kept in a cage, although it sometimes is let out to punish workers. It is said that one person even lost an arm to the iron jaws of Jioc. Part animal, part machine, Jioc has been artificially enhanced to be even more aggressive and dangerous.






Sen Kanar
Sen Kanar
Sen Kanar
Sen Kanar

Biographical Information Born: 2350

Affiliation: AxarCorp

Occupation: CEO

Physical Attributes Ethnicity: Caucasian

Hair: Blond (wig)

Eye color: Brown



Rek Pearson
Jacer Rays




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