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Alize Wolf

Alize Wolf is a member of the Zaarek Gang, one of the world’s most wanted and infamous crime groups. Its other members are Zeiok Darex and the robot D-60. She wields a pair of crimson laser knives capable of cutting through most materials, and wears the same titanium Zaarek armor as the rest of the gang. She has sleek, short, black hair and a dangerous temperament. She never backs down and takes revenge on anyone she dislikes. Alize is a skilled fighter, specializing in laser knife fighting and hand-to-hand combat. As of 2406, she was second only to Zeiok Darex on the Tenth Sector’s Most Wanted list.

"It’s actually quite entertaining to watch people suffer."

– Alize Wolf to Jak-Tec, in Future



Alize is a member of the Wolf family, born in the dangerous Eighth Sector. She teamed up with Zeiok Darex and D-60 as an orphaned teenager, and together, they started the Zaarek Gang, beginning a long journey of crime.

Alize Wolf is the ancestor of the infamous criminal and murderer Drake Wolf, who appears in Ice Lords.






Alize Wolf
Alize Wolf
Alize Wolf
Alize Wolf

Biographical Information Born: 2380 • The Eighth Sector

Died: 2406 • The Second Sector

Cause of death: Pushed down a hoverlift shaft by Koren

Affiliation: The Zaarek Gang

Occupation: Bounty hunter

Relatives Evor Wolf 

Drake Wolf

Physical Attributes Ethnicity: Caucasian

Hair: Black

Eye color: Black



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