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Taylorverse Unlimited is the home of all content from Grayson Taylor. It includes the full library of his novels and films, plus exclusive short stories, books, films, and behind-the-scenes content. It also includes a forum for members, and a number of interactive features.

Grayson Taylor is an actor, author, and filmmaker from New York City. After writing his first full-length novel when he was seven, he authored over half a dozen action-adventure, sci-fi, mystery, and dystopian novels. He has also written and directed several films. As a professional actor, he has performed in principal roles on numerous television shows, commercials, and voiceovers, and on Broadway and at Radio City Music Hall. Two of his films have been featured in the Astoria Film Festival, and he is the recipient of a 2021 Scholastic Gold Key for Novel Writing.


1500+ pages

  • Ice Lords

  • Dark Waters

  • Fallen Nation

  • Fallen Nation: Uprising

  • Fallen Nation: Downfall

  • Future

  • Short Stories Collection

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  • Spy Squad

  • Suspect

  • Enigma Island

  • The Nature of Reality


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  • A Rogue Game

  • The Book of Rebels

  • Hunley and Fox

  • Erebus

  • The Gemina Journals

  • Hunted

  • Secret Squadron

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  • Dark Waters

  • Suspect: Ruthless



  • Short Stories Collection

  • The Complete Guide to the Taylorverse


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