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Ryan Dawn

Ryan Dawn is a Coast Guardsman for the United States Coast Guard, and works in a team with Jane Rodgers, Damon Richards, Fredrick Rupert, and Evan Hastings.





Appears In

I Join the Coast Guard

Damon Teaches Me a Lesson

Buried Alive

We Battle Our New Enemy

We Go Sightseeing

My First Adventure Ends

I Fight a Zoo

A Miracle in Boston

I Hunt Down a Murderer

The Final Battle

My Crazy Adventure Starts

We Discover a Somewhat Big Problem

My Survival Teacher Returns

I Accidentally Blow Up a Helicopter

We Get Our Own Arsenal

I Jump to My Death

My Worst Nightmare Becomes a Reality

The Gangsters Return

Glaciem Mortem

I Journey to the Bottom of the World

We Are All Doomed

Robbed by Penguins

I Get Used as Bait

We Declare War

Hostage in Africa

The Nemorator's Revenge

I Travel to Los Angeles

I Track Down My Friends

The End of The Legend


Ryan Dawn
Ryan Dawn
Ryan Dawn
Ryan Dawn

Biographical Information Born: 1990 • Manhattan, NY

Affiliation: United States Coast Guard

Occupation: Coast Guardsman


Richard Dawn (brother)

Physical Attributes Ethnicity: Caucasian

Hair: Dark blond

Eye color: Brown


Ice Lords

Dark Waters

Payton Mara
Diego Rojas
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