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Hector Kumar

Hector Kumar is the son of Aarav and Fadilah, and a friend of Harrison Walker, Sierra Clark, and other members of the TMC (Teens' Murder Club), which he formed.

As soon as I stepped inside, an Indian kid with dark, curly hair turned around in a swivel chair and exclaimed, “Finally, someone new! You know, I was getting a bit tired of just these boring people.” He gestured to the other teens around him. “Welcome to the Wave Lounge, newcomer!”

Dark Waters

Veronica, for some weird reason, loves addressing people with nicknames they don’t like. I got the worst nickname of all—Heck. I’m fifteen, and my name is Hectoritor Goofshoop Smarmlebanger, but you can call me Hector.”

– Hector in Dark Waters





Appears In

Ice Cream Therapy

The Last Straw

Suspects Suspected

Fun, Food, Feuds, Friends, and Families

Things Get Much Worse

Dangerous Truth

The First Murder

Land Ahoy! Murder Ahoy!

Everybody Panic


Hector Kumar
Hector Kumar
Hector Kumar
Hector Kumar

Biographical Information Born: 2004 • Manhattan, NY

Also known as: Hectoritor Goofshoop Smarmlebanger

Relatives Aarav Kumar (father)

Fadilah Kumar (mother)

Physical Attributes Ethnicity: Indian

Hair: Black

Eye color: Brown


Dark Waters

Sierra Clark
Jamie Mitchell




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