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Harrison Walker

Harrison Walker is a passenger aboard the maiden voyage of The Legend. He is a friend of Sierra Clark, Hector Kumar, and Ava Barrie, among others.

One was a boy my age, his brown hair quite messy in comparison to the styled hairdos of everyone around him, wearing an I Heart NY shirt. He caught my eye and then looked away.

Dark Waters

As I gazed at Ava’s family standing around her cot, speaking to her, comforting her, just being there for her, I longed desperately for something like that. For a real family. All I got was a bothersome aunt and her annoying baby, and a pair of parents I barely got to see twice a year.... Ava got to have a family that loved her, a little brother who looked up to her, without the constraint of an irritating and infuriating substitute for parents. In that moment, I could feel fury rising deep inside me. The feeling of hatred, of envy, of longing, burned like acid in my stomach. I didn’t like the way it felt, but it was right. Maybe I seemed like a happy, carefree teen without the limits of ever-present parents, but sometimes I did feel lonely. Even with friends, even with fun, even with everything I had, I always ended up feeling like I was missing something. This was it.

Dark Waters





Appears In

A Legendary Trip

Leaving New York

The First Murder

Land Ahoy! Murder Ahoy!

Suspects Suspected

The End of The Legend

Aboard The Legend

World's Worst VIP Experience

Disaster and Death

Everybody Panic

Dangerous Truth

A Cruise to Die For

Angry Aunts, Creepy Clowns, and Other Scary Stuff

Fun, Food, Feuds, Friends, and Families

Things Get Much Worse

The Last Straw

A Deadly Night

Hunt the Murderer


Harrison Walker
Harrison Walker
Harrison Walker
Harrison Walker

Biographical Information Born: 2004 • Buda, TX


Rebecca Walker (aunt)

Joy Walker (cousin)

Jerry Benard (uncle)

Physical Attributes Ethnicity: Caucasian

Hair: Brown

Eye color: Hazel

Portrayed by: Grayson Taylor


Dark Waters

Grayson Taylor
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