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Ash Roswell

For the main character of the Fallen Nation Trilogy, see Ash Thorane.

Ash Roswell, mother of Alex and Kayla (not the central character of the Fallen Nation Trilogy, Ash Thorane) was abandoned by her husband Gideon when she was pregnant with Kayla, their first child. Both she and Gideon suffered from mental illness and instability. When Gideon died, Ash took his place and led a rebel raid. She later betrayed the rebels and shot several of her companions to death. She was looked after by Mel, and died shortly thereafter, the rebels having given up on her. Her body was given to Alex, who planned to bury her.

“You should have a name,” he said softly, not looking up. She stared at him, surprised. “You can choose one, I guess,” he continued. “I don’t know very many girl names. Or boy names, actually.” Alex paused, his eyes still fixed on the body. He took a deep breath. “Ash.”

The woman looked at him, slightly confused.

“That’s your name,” Alex said quietly. “From now on, at least.”

Ash, she thought. That’s who I am now. She had a name. After so many years, she finally had a name. She liked it.

“It was my mother’s name,” Alex said, his gaze still fixed on the motionless body lying on the ground.

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Ash Roswell
Ash Roswell
Ash Roswell
Ash Roswell

Biographical Information

Born: 2129

Died: 2175 • Arcis

Cause of death: Illness and battle injuries

Affiliation: The rebels

Relatives Gideon (husband)

Alex Roswell (son)

Kayla Roswell (daughter)

Zora Roswell

Physical Attributes Ethnicity: Caucasian

Hair: Black

Eye color: Brown


Fallen Nation

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