Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Breakdown

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Just a couple days ago, the second trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi came out. It. Was. Awesome. And there was a whole lot of clues and hidden things packed inside that two-and-a-half-minute trailer. That's why I'm doing an in-depth examination and breakdown of the whole thing. There are lots of clues that you wouldn't notice on the first time that you watch it, so I'm going to go frame-by-frame through the entire trailer. Many people have done breakdowns, but there are several things I think they didn't catch, so I'm making my own.

By the way, I'm a huge Star Wars fan. If you are, too, then I'm glad you're reading this! You can see the whole trailer at the bottom.

Now let's start from the beginning.

The trailer begins with an imposing shot of Kylo Ren looking out over a large hangar on what is probably a Star Destroyer, maybe even Snoke's giant ship Supremecy. He doesn't have his helmet, so either he forgot it, doesn't want it, or this takes place after he smashed it. Sparks are falling from above, suggesting that the ship is under repair or in the process of being built. Maybe they just blew a fuse with all the energy they need to keep it all working. (Seriously, I wonder what the First Order's electricity bill is.)

There is a walker moving in the hangar (to the right of Kylo Ren), and it looks like a two-legged AT-DP. We see this hangar again in a later shot. An AT-AT is also moving a little bit on the far right, and there's a big rack of AT-ATs on the left that is being moved as well. Another moving piece in this hangar is an AT-DP on a platform that is being lowered, perhaps to make room for the incoming rack of AT-ATs that is almost right above it. It looks like the First Order isn't just using new technology, but they're also using walkers similar to the ones the Empire used. Maybe they're updated versions, but they look pretty much the same. Perhaps they found ships from the days of the Empire and decided to patch them up and use them. There are a lot of walkers and other details in this brief shot, and you just have to look closely to see them.

It is also eerily reminiscent of when Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader look out at the Death Star in Episode III, and also when General Hux is surveying his troops and making a speech on Starkiller Base. Elevated platforms for high-ranking people to look down on others is a common theme in Imperial/First Order architecture. A lot of their ideals and beliefs are sometimes subtly expressed in the architecture of their buildings and ships.

Next up is a cool shot of a big line of First Order Heavy Assault Walker, or 'gorilla walkers' as I call them. They're attacking a Resistance base on the planet Crait, a rocky planet with red dust underneath the surface, which you can see bursting up as the walkers move forward. Kylo Ren's shuttle is with them, so I'm assuming he's part of the attack. However, it's not just gorilla walkers here - there's an old-fashioned AT-AT way in the background. I didn't notice this the first time around.

The walkers seem dangerously close to the Resistance base, which appears to be inside that cliff that stretches to the horizon. We'll see some shots that look like they take place right before the walkers arrive, showing the actual base and entrance in the cliffs.

These gorilla walkers look pretty dangerous - they're really big, even bigger than the Empire's AT-ATs (just look at that AT-AT compared to the gorilla walker in the background and you'll see the size difference), plus they've got a bunch of cannons and armor. They have double cannons coming from the head, and a giant one protruding from their backs. They look like they've got more armor, too, so it's going to be really hard for the Resistance to bring those guys down.

This is an overhead view of Kylo Ren leading a bunch of troopers (who might be snow troopers, but it's hard to tell from the angle) through a dark place that seems to be a cavern of some sort, probably linked to the crystal cave that the Millennium Falcon flies through later. This might be Crait, or it might be some unrelated planet. If it is Crait, then it makes sense - Kylo Ren is at that battle, and here he might be going to face off against the Resistance. It's possible that he might be here to kill his mother, Leia - but I'm assuming that fails, or he doesn't do it, because later he tries to shoot her in his TIE Silencer.

The troopers have lights attached to their guns, which (a) makes for a cool effect, and (b) is practical - they're going into a dark place, so flashlights are definitely needed. Kylo Ren, though, would look kind of lame walking around with a flashlight, so he just relies on the light from his soldiers' guns and possibly his own lightsaber's glow.

Overall, it's a pretty cool shot. Kylo Ren, dramatically leading a legion of armed soldiers into a dark cavern - what's not to like?

Oh, and a little note on the dialogue that's happening during all of this: Snoke is saying, "When I found you, I saw raw, untamed power." This is suggesting that he's talking to Kylo Ren, kind of giving him a pep talk, but it might be to someone else... Rey, perhaps. This footage of Kylo Ren with Snoke's voice on top of it might just be misleading us to think something else. Later, Snoke's words are echoed by Luke, and at that point clearly directed to Rey.

Snoke then says, "And beyond that... something special," as Kylo Ren kneels/meditates/thinks in a red room, with his mask on (so this appears to happen before he smashes it). Perhaps he is still recovering from killing his father, Han Solo, in The Force Awakens, and maybe readying himself to go kill his mother, too.

This red room might be Snoke's throne room, as you see a bit of these red walls in a later shot. Those might be Praetorian guards standing against the wall as Kylo Ren picks up his lightsaber from the floor. At first I thought they were just pillars or something like that on the wall, and the floor was a table of some sort, but upon closer examination, I'm pretty sure it's the floor, and those are Praetorian guards (see the folds in the robes?). I think Kylo Ren is receiving orders from Snoke in his throne room in these shots.

And then everything changes.

It switches from Kylo Ren to Rey, shifting points of view. Here, we have Rey on Ahch-To, training with Luke. It seems from her reaction that this is probably one of her first attempts at trying out a lightsaber. She's still wearing her clothes from The Force Awakens (really, does anyone change clothes or ever do laundry? It must be a stinky galaxy full of unwashed clothes...), another sign that this is early in her training. It seems Luke has accepted the lightsaber that she gave him at the end of the last film, and then gave it right back to her for training. He has his own, anyway.

Then we have the Lucasfilm logo! Yay! (Yeah, not really any clues to find there...)

The music shifts, and we see an overhead shot of the island on Ahch-To where Luke trains Rey (we've already seen that one in the first trailer). You can see stone walls and huts on the cliffs.

Then we have a wide shot of Rey walking up to Luke. This is actually the moment that The Force Awakens ends, so it picks up right there.

We hear Rey saying, "Something... inside me has always been there," as she hands Luke the lightsaber. He takes it in his robotic hand. Obviously, time has worn away at his fake hand, because the skin-like cover that concealed the inner workings of it is gone.

Finally, after so many years of it being gone, he is reunited with his old lightsaber.

He seems to have mixed feelings about all this, though... He looks up at Rey like, "Whaaaat?" He holds his lightsaber, although he looks kind of unsure about what to do with it. It's a very foreign situation for him - he's been alone for years, separated from the rest of the galaxy, his past, and his old lightsaber... and now all of this changes at once when Rey arrives. I'm kind of surprised he doesn't just faint and fall of the cliff he's standing on.

Also, is that a stone hut on the cliff in the background? Maybe, but it might just be a natural rock formation.

Another question: is Luke really alone? It seems that there might be aliens living on these islands as well, including the adorable porgs (which we see later).

This is followed by a shot of Rey walking towards a foggy rock formation. Looks kind of dangerous... If this is still Ahch-To, perhaps it's a part of her training, like when Luke went into the dark forest on Dagobah and was tested against the Dark Side. This also could be the rocky water planet that we see later.

"But now it's awake..." Rey says. This is pretty much a direct reference to the title of the last movie, The Force Awakens. We see a shot of a tree-like formation that we saw in the first trailer. Many people think that the books in the center are the Journal of the Whills, an artifact mentioned in Jedi tales and Star Wars legends. Another clue that this might be true is that in the first trailer, we see an old book with the symbol of the old Jedi Order on it.

We then see Rey stepping towards it, or towards something inside this tree-thing, dressed in a gray robe.

This is followed by a rapid succession of shots from Rey's training, including a few we saw in the earlier trailer.

In one shot, Rey uses the Force and the ground cracks beneath her feet. Luke doesn't seem thrilled about this - more like terrified. We then see why.

Luke says, "I've seen this raw strength only once before." (Note the echo of Snoke's line 'raw, untamed power'.) We know who he's talking about - Kylo Ren, his former student. Luke is afraid of Rey and her power because it is much like the power that Kylo Ren had. Unfortunately, he was turned to the Dark Side, and that used that power to destroy the other Padawans and nearly kill Luke, as we see in this next shot:

Here we have what seems to be the burning wreck of a Jedi Temple or wherever it was that Luke used to train his Padawans. Kylo Ren destroyed it, and here we have Luke, his robotic hand emerging from underneath the remains of the building. This is the result of that 'raw power' that Kylo Ren had, and this is what Luke is afraid will happen all over again with Rey. He's conflicted about training her - she has much potential, and would be a strong Jedi, but with her power, she could also destroy him and anything good that is left.

This is followed by a shot of Luke falling to his knees outside this burning wreck, beside R2-D2. This is a flashback of sorts that takes place in between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, when Luke was training young Jedi, including Ben Solo (who became Kylo Ren).

"It didn't scare me enough then. It does now," Luke says, terror haunting his voice.

Luke is scared, simply put. Terrified of what could happen. He's afraid that Rey will fall to the Dark Side like Ben Solo did.

We then see Rey, who doesn't seem to be doing well, lying on a rock with an expression of terror, sadness, and anguish on her face. Training seems to have taken a bad turn. Perhaps Luke has abandoned her, fearing what she might turn into.

We then transition back to Kylo Ren, who also isn't having the best day. The music has turned from Rey's theme to a dark, dramatic tone, and then into Kylo Ren's/The First Order's theme. Kylo Ren looks down at his mask, emotions welling up inside.

"Let the past die," he says as we see a closeup of his face. He has a Star Wars version of a band-aid on his face where Rey cut him with a lightsaber in the last film. In a burst of anger, he smashes his helmet against the wall, and sparks go flying. He really does have anger issues.

I wonder if he'll be helmet-less for the rest of the film after this point. I don't get why he has a problem with his helmet - I think it's pretty cool, honestly.

We then cut to a giant space battle, with Kylo Ren piloting his personal TIE Silencer and blowing up a bunch of ships, which is pretty awesome. He's accompanied by two Special Forces TIE fighters, though he seems to be doing fine on his own. The Resistance isn't doing well in this battle, as you can see from the flaming ships and severe damage. In the background there is a Star Destroyer of some sort, maybe Snoke's ship the Supremacy, as Kylo Ren does a whole lot of loop-de-loops in his ship. I don't know how he doesn't get dizzy from all that.

"Kill it... if you have to," we hear Kylo Ren's voice continue as he pilots his ship through a Resistance command ship.

We then see a few alternating shots between Kylo Ren and General Leia, his mother, who is aboard one of the Resistance ships in the battle. Leia stares out of a window, and it seems that she senses her son out there. We know she can use the Force, at least a little, so she knows he's coming. I kind of wonder if Leia's Force-wielding powers will grow, or she'll just be able to sense when somebody's dead or close by and nothing else.

"That's the only way to become what you're meant to be," he says as he targets the ship that Leia is supposedly on. His finger tightens on the trigger, but we're not sure if he shoots or not. It's obviously a hard decision for him. He's already killed his father, now can he kill his mother? We'll have to wait and find out...

Next is a cool shot of the Millennium Falcon flying through crystal caverns, pursued by at least four TIE fighters. The crystals are red, so could this be underneath the surface of Crait? We know that Crait is a mining world, so it's possible... Whatever the case, it looks like a dangerous place to fly.

They then, of course, balance out this scary darkness with this adorable porg, next to Chewbacca on the Millennium Falcon. My sister is obsessed with porgs now, and I'm sure almost everyone is. Just look at him! And his battle cry is even cute, too.

A green laser (probably from a First Order ship) hits something (probably a Resistance ship), and explosions burst out.

Poe Dameron looks out the window of a ship, clearly worried about how the battle is going. The light of explosions is reflected on his face and the windows. He says, "We are the spark that'll light the fire that will burn the First Order down." We see his X-wing, Black One, and its new booster on the back that gives it extra speed. It blasts off towards a couple Star Destroyers in the distance.

Black One flies in a space battle, explosions bursting up everywhere on a large First Order ship. They're fighting in space over some green planet, although it's hard to tell what planet it is. We see Poe appearing to give some sort of pep talk to the Resistance as he finishes his line. It's hard to tell, but that might be Carrie Fisher's daughter behind him (she appeared in The Force Awakens).

Then we see Captain Phasma standing in the burning remains of what looks like the hangar that is in the first shot and a later one, too. She extends a metal rod, readying to fight. There is a ship, maybe a Lambada-class shuttle, on the left. Finn stands across from her, dressed in a First Order officer uniform and gripping a shock baton that was used by a stormtrooper against him in The Force Awakens.

"Come on!" he yells, attacking Phasma. There is actually a stormtrooper positioned only a few feet away from them, with his or her gun raised, but the trooper is facing away from them and not even bothering to help Captain Phasma. The Resistance is probably attacking. Finn's mission to infiltrate the base somehow results in all this destruction, although I'm not sure how.

Next we see another giant space battle, with several Resistance bombers, one of them being hit and exploding. BB-8 appears, shaking off electricity that hit him.

Then we see Luke again, but for some reason, he's down on the ground in the rocky water place. "This is not going to go the way you think," he says. Yeah, that pretty much sums up all of this.

Then we see some creatures that look like cats or foxes made out of glass running towards the Resistance base on Crait. One stops and looks at the horizon, probably seeing the First Order arriving with their huge gorilla walkers. The huge metal gate to the base is slowly closing as they prepare for the attack. Thankfully, these glass foxes find refuge in the base before it closes. (I hope the Resistance is okay with that.) We'll see if these creatures survive the battle.

We then see General Leia again, standing inside the base on Crait. The gate is not closing yet, and there are no glass foxes or gorilla walkers stampeding the base, so this appears to be before the attack. She looks pretty lonely. There are a couple things floating outside the base, but I have no idea what they are. Maybe machines or scouts. They're hidden in fog, so it's hard to tell.

Leia looks upset, too, and I'm guessing she has sensed that Kylo Ren, her son, is coming to Crait as a part of the attack.

Then we see Rey diving underwater in the rocky water place. Her hand bursts out of the water and grips the rock, and she comes out, standing in front of Luke. He stands in the mist, watching her.

"Fulfill..." Snoke begins as we see Finn walking into the huge First Order hangar, dressed in an officer's uniform and looking very determined. We see another shot of the hangar, this time filled with troops and ships. Hundreds of snowtroopers, stormtroopers, TIE fighter pilots, and officers are lined up. AT-ATs hang on gigantic racks. AT-DPs are lined up everywhere. TIE fighters fly overhead, with hundreds more hanging from the ceiling above. It's an impressive sight, simply put.

We see another shot of the attack on Crait, and a closer view of the heads of the gorilla walkers. TIE fighters zoom overhead, firing down on the Resistance fighters. A Special Forces TIE fighter is shot to the ground, exploding in bursts of red dust. Two Resistance ships, leaning away from each other, narrowly miss being smashed by the falling fighter. "Your," Snoke continues.

"Destiny!" he finishes, his hand outstretched, probably using the Force. This is the first time we've seen Snoke outside of his hologram in The Force Awakens. There are several theories as to who he really is.

Yikes. We see Rey, bent over backwards, in what appears to be Snoke's throne room. A Praetorian guard stands to the right, and Snoke's robes are visible on the raised platform. Rey isn't doing so well here. Probably being tortured, searched, or manipulated with the Dark Side of the Force. Doesn't look so good.

Cut to black. Then we hear Rey's voice: "I need someone..."

We see her, the light of a fire reflecting on one side of her face. " show me my place in all this," she finishes.

We assume she's talking to Luke or someone like that. But the truth is much more shocking.

Oh. No. WHAAT? It's Kylo Ren, ladies and gentleman. Shocking, right? HOW CAN THIS BE?

Notice that Kylo Ren doesn't have his Star Wars version of a band-aid at this point. This seems to be later in the film, and he's healed, at least mostly. Anyway, it seems Rey has turned to Kylo Ren for help. Luke isn't all she dreamed of, and he might have abandoned her. So she comes to none other than Kylo Ren. And what does he do?

He extends his hand to her. Double shocker! What is going on? Will Rey and Kylo Ren actually join forces? Oh, the suspense!

The music swells, and the trailer ends on that dramatic, suspenseful, shocking, unbelievable twist.


Okay, so some final notes on this awesome, jam-packed trailer:

Overall, this trailer is a lot darker than the first one, with more of Kylo Ren and the Dark Side. The first trailer centered mainly on Rey and her training with Luke, and this one did, too, but less so. There were more explosions, more darkness, more flames, more clues, and more suspense. Although, it did have a porg, and those little creatures are anything but dark.

There seem to be about four planets in this trailer: Crait (the rocky one with red dust that the First Order is attacking), Ahch-To (the green, rocky island-covered planet that Rey is trained on), and a water-filled rocky place (it could be Ahch-To, but I think it's a different planet), and a red crystal planet (this might be Crait, but it's hard to tell, since the crystals are underground). There was also a lot in space and on a Star Destroyer, possibly Snoke's personal ship the Supremacy.

There is also a brief shot of what seems to be the planet that Luke trained Kylo Ren and other Padawans on, but it's almost impossible to see what the actual planet looks like, since it's covered in the flaming wreck of what appears to be a Jedi Temple or Jedi training center that Luke used.

Canto Bight (a casino planet) isn't in this trailer, or the last one, and has only been seen briefly in the behind-the-scenes video.

We also don't see Rose, which is strange, because she seems to have a sizable part in the film. She hasn't been in either trailers, though she has been in production photos and the behind-the-scenes video. Also, I thought Finn and Poe would be having adventures together, but it seems they've gone separate ways, with Finn infiltrating a First Order base (possibly with Rose) and Poe fighting in space with BB-8 in his X-wing Black One.

Okay, so to wrap it up: I really loved this trailer; I loved everything from the music to the detail in each shot, from the new ships to the porg's battle cry. I can't wait for Episode VIII to come out on December 15th. I'm a huge Star Wars fan, and one look in my room will tell you that - I'm wearing BB-8 socks and a Star Wars shirt as I write this, a remote-control BB-8 on a shelf nearby, Star Wars action figures next to it, over 14 Star Wars books, a LEGO First Order Star Destroyer on my left, and a whole army of Star Wars ships and characters next to it. A large portion of my room is taken up by my LEGO Scarif creation as well. I'm also currently building some LEGO Last Jedi things, including a First Order Heavy Assault Walker (gorilla walker), the island on Ahch-To where Rey trains, the planet Crait and the Resistance base there, and more. I even built a little LEGO porg, which my sister loves.

I hope you noticed a few more things about this trailer from this post, and found it as interesting as I have. Make sure to go see Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Episode VIII, on December 15th, 2017! I know I'll be seeing it then.

May the Force be with you!

- Grayson

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