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Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Today I have a new update for my current novel-in-progress, Fallen Nation! In this post, you'll get a sneak peek at Fallen Nation, including introductions to the characters, an inside look into the setting of the story, and the writing process.

It's been about eight months since I started writing it, and I've come a long way since then. I'm around two-thirds through the book, although who knows how long it will be when I finish?

Okay, so let's start with the characters. Below, you can see descriptions of some of the people featured in Fallen Nation:

Ash (main character)

Age: 28

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Brown

Weapons: Handmade knives (just for threatening or as

tools), metal bar, sharpened glass piece, axe

Garments: Hooded jacket, utility vest, jeans, combat boots

Personality: Reserved, lonely, determined to survive, merciless,

and clings on to hope to keep herself from going insane

Zach (supporting character)

Age: 29

Eyes: Crystal blue

Hair: Black

Weapons: Rifle, pistol, knife, grenades

Garments: Black tank top, ammunition strap, dark pants,

holster, belt, shoulder pauldron, boots

Personality: Confident, flexible, risk-taking, and sometimes sarcastic

Alex (supporting character)

Age: 11

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Blond

Weapons: None

Garments: Ragged t-shirt, hoodie, jeans

Personality: Defiant, determined, and secretly struggling with

fear of the world around him

Scarlett (supporting character)

Age: 12

Eyes: Bright green

Hair: Black

Weapons: Trained hawk, pair of pistols

Garments: Dark red hooded cloak, double holsters, pouch

Personality: Wild, fierce, fiery, and loyal fighter

Now that you're more familiar with a few of the characters, let's move on to where the book is set!

Fallen Nation takes place in a collapsed, chaotic city surrounded by a huge border wall that no one has ever been able to get past. No one knows what is outside the city. The city could really be any modern city that exists today - Los Angeles, San Fransisco, London, or any other place - although I based it off of New York City, which is where I live (it's also where the main character of my novel Ice Lords is from). I drew a map of the city, featuring locations that characters go to in Fallen Nation and others that are simply mentioned or even aren't.

Some locations inside the city include:

The Factory: Anyone in the area of the factories are required to work there every day, under the watch of cruel armed guards. If a person doesn't show up at the factory, they are hunted down and killed by the ruthless authorities that rule the city. No one knows what they are being forced to make at the factories, although at least some of it is weapons for the authorities' forces.

The Abandoned Construction Site: This old work site has been vacant for years, and Ash often sneaks away to watch the sunset from the unfinished structure of a skyscraper. Few people visit it, and some think that it is haunted.

Ash's Home: Ash lives in a tilted, decrepit house on the end of a street of buildings. People who get to sleep in houses or structures of some sort are lucky, though it takes a lot to defend it from others who would like to take it. Ash created several makeshift traps to stop intruders, but she still has to occasionally fight people who are able to get past them. Ash's house is connected to an underground tunnel that she uses to exit it and get to the street outside. Rats live inside the house along with her, due to the huge population of rodents throughout the city.

The Fallen Bridge: Near Ash's house is a collapsed bridge that crosses over a waste river. The bridge is home to all sorts of people and things, and part of it is submerged in the sewage that fills the river it used to cross over.

The Train Tracks: The above-ground tracks of the old subway system go from the fallen skyscrapers to the waste river, where it continues underground. Tents and shelters are set up all along it, home to hundreds of people. Trades, such as weapon buying, are common up on the train tracks, which have become a sort of refuge for people.

The Abandoned Weapons Testing Zone: This abandoned site was used for testing new weapons created by the authorities, and all that's left now are hundreds of craters and pools of toxic waste. Few people live near it, due to the poisonous gases that it emits.

The Fallen Skyscrapers: This area of the city was once the center of activity, filled with towering buildings and high-rises. Now, however, most of the skyscrapers have fallen, creating a maze-like place of steel and glass. This is also a place where people live, even though the structures aren't very stable and are lying sideways on the ground or on top of one another.

The Rebel Barricades: The resistance movement, which fights against the rule of the authorities, has many barricades and outposts throughout the city, where battles often occur. Barricades are often destroyed by bombs, though, and everyone evacuates the area of a barricade or rebel stronghold.

The Secret Subway System: The rebels use the long-forgotten subway tunnels as their headquarters, and the authorities have never found them there. Most of the weapons and people are kept down there for reinforcements, and it is the center of their operations.

The Docks: The docks are a rotting, abandoned place, cut off by the massive border wall. Few people live there, since the structure could potentially collapse. A few old ships are wrecked there, and have been rusting away for years.

These are just a few of the places inside the city in Fallen Nation. So now that you know more about the characters and the setting, I'll move on to the writing of the novel.

As I mentioned in my earlier post about this book, I began writing at the very end of 2016, and at the time of that post I had only written two chapters. Now I'm almost to the fourteenth chapter, and I'm at around fifty thousand words (which is the limit for novel length). If I write regularly, Fallen Nation should be done by the end of this year, or maybe even this fall.

Stay tuned for more updates about this book, and make sure to get your copy of Fallen Nation when it comes out in a few months!

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