My Upcoming Novel: Fallen Nation

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Welcome back to my blog. Today, I have an exciting update: my next novel! In this post, I will be sharing details about it with you. I may also do further updates as it progresses, and possibly incorporate it into some other blogs about writing. I can't give too much away, of course, but you'll still learn plenty of things about it.

This is the first time I have announced this to the public, so you are among the first to know about it. The book takes place in time between my other novels, Ice Lords (set in the present day) and Future (obviously, the future) both of which you can see on the Books page, and is about the collapse of the world, leading up to Future (where everyone has had to evacuate the planet and live in floating Sectors with artificial atmospheres to protect them from the toxic air of earth). Anyway, it's called Fallen Nation, and it's a dystopian novel about a woman who struggles to survive in a dark world of evil and injustice.

I started writing it on November 9th, 2016. It's actually quite convenient, because there has been a spike in demand for dystopian books since November of 2016 (you can probably guess why). Unfortunately, due to a lot of things, by now I haven't even completed two chapters. Hopefully I will start writing more, but I'm afraid it may be pushed back at least a couple months to make room for working on my next film, Spy Squad (see Filmmaking page). Although both Future and Fallen Nation are dystopian novels, Fallen Nation is much darker, while Future was more futuristic action-adventure with a bit of a dystopian side. Fallen Nation will focus more on the dystopian element and the, well... fall of a nation.

If I wrote as much as I wanted to, and if everything went as planned, Fallen Nation should be done by this fall. However, since I'm also working on Spy Squad, I have a feeling it might not be done by the end of this year. <sigh> Oh, well. Also, I haven't really planned it out very much, which isn't great (hopefully I'll talk about this more in future writing posts). But I think that once I start working on it more, things will improve. It's not like writing a novel is impossible - after all, I've done it several times before. Every time, there are obstacles to overcome, plot twists to perfect, characters to develop, and a lot of writing to be done.

That's about all I can tell you for now - but stay tuned for more updates later on. Make sure to check out my next post - where you'll get a behind-the-scenes look at my upcoming film, Spy Squad.

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