Explore the ultimate creation - the massive LEGO World, the pinnacle of Grayson's builds. Take a look at photos and get a tour of this 15-square-foot multi-level world.
The Story 

  A cosmic event affected the invisible borders between the countless universes, momentarily opening a bridge between them. In that brief time, scientists and masterminds from various worlds came together. Deep beneath the surface of the planet, they devised a way to keep the bridge open, and destroy the barriers that divided the universes from one another. Aided by the powers of the Empire, Lord Voldemort, the Ice Lords, the First Order, the Authorities, InGen, and Kar Morsen, their experiments deep underground were successful. The barriers were broken, and worlds collided on the surface above. Now, war brews on the surface and below. Adventurers and bounty hunters venture underground and begin to form a subterranean world, striving to survive and possibly benefit from the stirring war between universes.

  Spurred on by their success, and with the continual aid of the villains, the scientists continue experimenting underground, creating more dangerous things by the hour. Dinosaurs bred for war, alien beasts capable of large-scale destruction, dangerous mechs, hungry monsters, lurking forces, and the next generation of warfare technology is all created within the dark underground civilization of the LEGO World.

LEGO World
LEGO World 597.JPG