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What is a Taylorverse Unlimited gift membership?

A Taylorverse Unlimited gift membership is an easy way to give one year of Taylorverse Unlimited to someone special. When you purchase a gift membership for $10, you'll be paying for their first year of Taylorverse Unlimited. After a year, they'll have the option to pay for another year themselves. You'll also be notified after a year, in case you want to purchase another year as a gift for them.

How will my gift be delivered?

When you purchase a one-year gift membership, you’ll provide an email address for your recipient, choose a delivery date, and have the opportunity to write a special message. On your chosen date, we’ll email your recipient with instructions on how to redeem their gift membership.

Can I buy a gift membership for someone who already has Taylorverse Unlimited?

No, if your recipient already has a Taylorverse Unlimited membership, they will not be able to redeem your gift. Gift memberships can only be redeemed by new Taylorverse Unlimited members. They cannot be used to pay for an existing membership.