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Thirteen-year-old Colin Cruise is the arrogant and self-centered son of the Cruise family, owners of the massively successful CruiseTech Industries. On a vacation in upstate New York, both of his parents are mysteriously found dead—and Colin thinks he knows exactly who the murderer is.

Fueled by rage and a twisted need to avenge his parents, Colin embarks on a cross-country journey to hunt down the man who murdered his mother and father, aided by his partner Jessica. But it becomes increasingly dangerous as the government launches a search for him, misled to think that Colin himself murdered his parents.

Racing to find the murderer, while running from the authorities, Colin and Jessica find themselves in a situation unlike anything they've encountered before. But amidst this journey hides a secret that Colin doesn't know—a secret that could cost him everything.

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2019 • 28 m • Mystery, Comedy

Written and Directed by:

Grayson Taylor


Grayson Taylor

Ella Taylor

Bryan Taylor

Lisa Taylor

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