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   In a collapsed city ruled by the merciless Authorities, a woman named Ash struggles to survive, armed with little more than hope. The dangerous, dark city she lives in is surrounded by a looming border wall that no one can get past. No one gets into the city, and no one gets out.

  But when Ash meets a young boy, Alex, his fiery determination to escape the city lights a spark in her. Joined by Zach, a man who isn't all he seems, and Scarlett, a fierce young girl with her loyal hawk, they embark on a mission to bring down the Authorities that rule their city, get past the border wall, and find what lies on the other side. Their journey will change them - and the world - forever.


Couldn't put it down... This wonderful story of friendship, love, betrayal, and forgiveness really is great. I never wanted to put this down when I was reading it. Grayson is the kind of writer that makes you want to read Fallen Nation way past bedtime. I loved it - you will too.




Gripping story. Grayson Taylor's talent to paint pictures with words is amazing! You can see, taste and feel what the characters are experiencing. Definitely a great read!

 - Reader review


Terrific book! Bought this book for my children aged 13 and 10 and they loved it. This is what they had to say: "This book was full of action and adventure. Really liked the characters Ash and Alex. There was a twist at the end that we were not expecting. We are going to get the next book in the trilogy to find out what happens to Ash, Zach, Alex, and Scarlett."

 - Reader review


The first book was great, amazing writing and cliffhangers. Can't wait to get into the second book.

 - Reader review


Grayson Taylor is a great author. If I could be any person in this, I would want to be Ash. She is a wonderful person who is full of love, friendship, forgiveness, and a touch of adventure. Zach has a heart full of goodness, love, and friendship, although he gets into trouble. Scarlett is another favorite of mine. She is a lionhearted girl with a fire of adventure in her blood. Alex is a sweet, adventurous boy.

 - Reader review

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  It seems that all hope is lost. After a devastating betrayal, Ash is captured by the Authorities, who plan to crush her fighting spirit. But they never could have predicted the strength of the hope inside Ash.

  Aided by two fierce children, Scarlett and Alex, and a soldier who dares to turn against the system he’s spent his life serving, Ash faces trials worse than ever before in her desperate journey to escape the Sovereign Supreme's tyrannical rule. Ash’s goal now is much bigger than just getting past the border wall and finding what is outside the dark realm of the collapsed city. Fueled by the spark of hope inside each of them, Ash and her companions embark on a perilous quest to do the very thing the Authorities fear most: to start an uprising.

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    The end has come.

  Ash and the eight other survivors find themselves in a new world completely different from the lie they have lived their whole lives. On a fight for survival, and the truth, Ash begins to uncover the vast mystery behind the city, and the Sovereign Supreme's plan at work through it all. Trust dissolves among companions, and tensions grow to the breaking point as lies are slowly chipped away, revealing the unfathomable truth beneath. The lives of everyone Ash cares about, and the entire world, are at stake. The end is fast approaching, and the final plays of the game will determine the future of humanity.

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