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J.M. Gemina

Dr. Jasper Montgomery Gemina, known more commonly as Dr. J.M. Gemina, is a scientist known for his work in simulation technology. He was the host and co-creator of a documentary on simulations and theories about reality titled The Nature of Reality, in which he interviewed other experts and explored explanations for reality and consciousness. The documentary was produced by Level Nine Studios and CruiseTech's streaming service CruiseMax, premiering on the latter in December 2019 alongside a limited theatrical run.

J.M. Gemina is the developer of simulation therapy, which was tested on patients such as Jamie Teri and Aly Teri.






J.M. Gemina
J.M. Gemina
J.M. Gemina
J.M. Gemina

Biographical Information Born: 1970 • Tarrytown, NY

Affiliation: Gemina Labs

Occupation: Doctor, scientist, writer


William Gemina (brother)

Maria Gemina (sister-in-law)

Alanna Gemina (great-niece)

Physical Attributes Ethnicity: Caucasian

Hair: Black

Eye color: Hazel

Portrayed by: Bryan Taylor


The Gemina Journals

The Nature of Reality

Ernest Stein
The Nemorator
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