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Evelyn Mitchell

Evelyn Mitchell is the wife of Cooper Mitchell and the mother of Jamie Mitchell, Chloe Mitchell, and Leah Mitchell. She was attacked aboard The Legend.

A woman in her early forties came to a stop just beside my table, accompanied by a little girl. I recognized the girl as Chloe, the six-year-old who’d wanted to be my friend. Her mother I also recognized from the hallway, a tall, dark-skinned, beautiful woman wearing a soft orange blouse.

Dark Waters

“What happened to Evelyn?” I asked, slightly concerned.

“Oh, she’s fine,” Cameron replied, smiling. “We took care of her. She’s recovering well in the medical bay right now. We have a doctor aboard who’s looking after her, and she should be good to go pretty soon. We asked her who had attacked her, but she said she didn’t know, that it happened after the lights went out and she couldn’t see anything. She said she was just pushed into the maintenance room and stabbed right there.”

Dark Waters





Appears In

Aboard The Legend

The Last Straw

Leaving New York

World's Worst VIP Experience

Dangerous Truth


Evelyn Mitchell
Evelyn Mitchell
Evelyn Mitchell
Evelyn Mitchell

Biographical Information

Born: 1975 • Manhattan, NY

Relatives Cooper Mitchell (husband)

Jamie Mitchell (son)

Chloe Mitchell (daughter)

Leah Mitchell (daughter)

Kelly Mitchell (brother-in-law)

Physical Attributes Ethnicity: Black

Hair: Black

Eye color: Brown


Dark Waters

Bryan Taylor
Hans Icewood




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