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Dawson Futures

Dawson Futures is an American aerospace and military technology manufacturer, space transportation services, and communications company. Dawson Futures was founded in 2001 by Jagger Dawson with the goal of exploring and using the resources of space.

Now a multi-billionaire, Jagger Dawson started with almost nothing and built one of the world's most successful tech companies, second only to CruiseTech Industries. His passion for space exploration and the development of technology has led to massive breakthroughs in science.

Dawson Futures is a manufacturer and designer of robotics, aerospace, military, and consumer technology. The company has collaborated with NASA and other government programs on several occasions.

In 2013, a Dawson Futures satellite detected large amounts of magnetic, radiant, and thermal energy coming from both of Earth's poles. It was originally dismissed as a product of the poles themselves, but further inspection seemed to show that wasn’t the case. Dawson Futures presented their findings not long after. Their theory, which was subsequently explored by a number of scientists and research groups, was that a type of crystal or mineral producing massive amounts of energy was formed at the poles. The mineral was called a mooncrystal, because satellite data showed significant spikes in energy when the moon was out, especially around a full moon. Dawson Futures sent an exploration team to search for the crystals, but the team was unable to find anything. Lacking sufficient proof, the theory was largely dismissed.

In 2022, Dawson Futures completed construction of its space station Diamond Star in orbit around Earth.






Dawson Futures
Dawson Futures
Dawson Futures
Dawson Futures


Type: Aerospace technology corporation

Headquarters: Dawson Tower, PA

Founded: 2001

Founder: Jagger Dawson


Jagger Dawson

Elizabeth Carter


Suspect: Ruthless





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