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Angela Avery

Angela Avery works for the NYPD in the Criminal Investigations branch. She sometimes works with other officers such as detective Benjamin Adelson, officer Brittney Auburn, and junior officer Taylor Grant. After entering the NYPD as an intern in 1998, she rose up the ranks and became a leading officer. She briefly worked for the CIA between 2011 and 2017 before returning to the NYPD. While she isn’t normally involved in juvenile crime cases, she was tasked with solving the murders of Natasha and Scott Cruise, which led her to pursue Colin Cruise, their son and suspected murderer, across the country. When it was discovered that his assistant, Jessica Pace, was responsible for their deaths, she began hunting her. Aided by the Pittsburgh police, Officer Avery temporarily arrested Pace before she escaped again. Avery did, however, end up arresting Jagger Dawson for stealing billions of dollars from CruiseTech Industries.

"Yes, this is Officer Avery. From the Department of Criminal Investigations. We’ve got a situation. Something big."

– Angela Avery on a phone call to other officers, in Suspect





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Angela Avery
Angela Avery
Angela Avery
Angela Avery

Biographical Information Born: 1976 • Queens, NY

Affiliation: New York Police DepartmentCentral Intelligence Agency (formerly)

Occupation: Police officer • CIA recruitment officer (formerly)

Physical Attributes Ethnicity: Caucasian

Hair: Brown

Eye color: Blue


Portrayed by: Lisa Taylor



Suspect: Ruthless

Samuel Martin
Dave Harris
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