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Amber Fox

Dr. Amber Fox is, in the words of Julia Ashton, one of the ‘rogue archeologists intent on finding the Enigma... and using it for themselves.’ She teamed up with Axel Hunley to find the Infinitus Enigma, pretending to assist Erik Jones and Julia’s kids, Walker and Kira. Amber worked with Julia Ashton in South Africa on several excavations, including one that unearthed a clue about the location of Enigma Island. Julia received a degree in archeology from Northington University in Ohio and has done solo expeditions as well as paid jobs with other archeologists.

"I'm Dr. Amber Fox. I worked with your mother on several excavations in South Africa."

– Amber Fox to Walker and Kira Ashton, in Enigma Island






Amber Fox
Amber Fox
Amber Fox
Amber Fox

Biographical Information Born: 1987

Died: 2018 • Caribbean Sea Cause of death: Killed by the Erebus Consortium

Occupation: Archeologist

Physical Attributes Ethnicity: Caucasian

Hair: Brown

Eye color: Brown


Enigma Island

David Eric
Jane Rodgers
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