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An Adelson Mystery Novella


When two boys vanish under mysterious circumstances, Detective Benjamin Adelson goes rogue on his own investigation in the depths of New York City, entering a world of crime, deception, and danger.

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Book I in the Fallen Nation Trilogy


In a collapsed city ruled by the merciless Authorities, a woman named Ash struggles to survive, armed with little more than hope. The dangerous, dark city she lives in is surrounded by a looming border wall that no one can get past. No one gets into the city, and no one gets out.

But when Ash meets a young boy, Alex, his fiery determination to escape the city lights a spark in her. Joined by Zach, a man who isn't all he seems, and Scarlett, a fierce young girl with her loyal hawk, they embark on a mission to bring down the Authorities that rule their city, get past the border wall, and find what lies on the other side. Their journey will change them - and the world - forever.


Couldn't put it down... This wonderful story of friendship, love, betrayal, and forgiveness really is great. I never wanted to put this down when I was reading it. Grayson is the kind of writer that makes you want to read Fallen Nation way past bedtime. I loved it - you will too.



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Grayson Taylor is an actor, author, and filmmaker from New York City. After writing his first full-length novel when he was seven, he authored over half a dozen action-adventure, sci-fi, mystery, and dystopian novels. He has also written and directed several films. As a professional actor, he has performed in principal roles on numerous television shows, commercials, and voiceovers, and on Broadway and at Radio City Music Hall. Two of his films have been featured in the Astoria Film Festival, and he is the recipient of a 2021 Scholastic Gold Key for Novel Writing.

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The world is breaking. And only the powerful will survive the chaos.

Or so Kyrus Varden thinks. As a young man climbing up the hierarchy in the middle of global economic and governmental collapse, he faces an increasingly dangerous world with nothing more than his intelligence, cunning, and slowly rising power as his defense. Nations have fallen, infrastructures have been destroyed, and overpopulation, disease, war, and rising waters bring humanity to the breaking point.

Above all else, Kyrus desires control over his own life. But he is haunted by trauma, and a condition that could stand in his way to gaining control.


And with every step up in power comes greater danger. No one is safe from death. What began as a journey to power becomes a struggle for the control of fate, and of humanity itself.

The world will never be the same again.